Milan Michalek did not want to face the prospect of recovering from another major knee surgery. So instead of going under the knife the Senators winger opted for a non-traditional procedure this summer in Germany that involved blood injections to his chronically injured knee. Michalek says the overseas procedure was a resounding success and he will be ready for the start of Senators training camp on Wednesday. “If I had a surgery it would have been long so I wanted to go this way and hopefully it’s going to be good” Michalek said on Monday. “I went there right after the season so it helped me right away. I’ve been progressing every day and it feels good now and I’m 100 per cent.” Michalek spent a week in Germany after the Senators were eliminated in the second round of the playoffs by the Penguins. The blood serum treatment was administered by Dr. Peter Wehling who also has done similar work on high-profile NBA athletes such as Kobe Bryant. The procedure involves extracting blood from the patient then spinning it in a centrifuge to separate the white blood cells. The cells are then heated and injected with a serum that has healing properties which is then re-injected into the site of the injury. While it may sound like an unorthodox procedure it has been approved by the FDA in the United States. Michalek has been increasing his work load over the summer and has been skating now for about a month with no setbacks. “I skated really hard this summer. I tested it a lot and it felt good and hopefully it’s going to be good” he said. Michalek’s health has been a major concern since he broke into the NHL in 2003. He has been sidelined with multiple knee injuries and other ailments that have hampered his production. A fully healthy Michalek scored 35 goals for the Senators two seasons ago but he was limited to just four goals in 23 regular season games during the lockout-shortened campaign of 2012-13.