Jason Spezza is finally starting to feel good about himself and his game. Unfortunately, it's not soon enough. The Senators' captain admitted late Saturday night he struggled before Christmas and didn't perform up to expectations he set for himself after having back surgery during the off-season. Spezza hit the 20-goal mark Saturday when he was able to poke one out of a crowd against the Rangers that stood up to be the winner. "Before Christmas, I was unrealistic with my expectations after I had back surgery (in January) and missed the whole season," said Spezza. "I was disappointed a lot at the start of the year for the team and myself personally. I feel since after Christmas I've found my game and played better hockey." It's the eighth time he's hit the 20-goal mark. "It's pretty insignificant when you're not going to make the playoffs. I can't say I'm too excited about it," said Spezza. Like everybody else in the room, Spezza was relieved the Senators were able to get a win against the Rangers after an ugly performance in a 7-4 loss Friday night.