What is it they say … If you want something done right, do it yourself? Apparently, Eugene Melnyk has decided to take that approach in running his Ottawa Senators. Rather than hiring a replacement for recently departed president and chief executive officer Tom Anselmi, the Senators owner will leave his cozy nest in Barbados, set up an office in the nation’s capital and assume the CEO duties of his own team, a well-placed source inside the organization says. Melnyk is scheduled to roll up his sleeves and settle into the position next week. “That,” someone close to the Senators said, “is going to be interesting.” It was almost 13 months ago that Melnyk, exasperated with sagging ticket sales, bumped highly-respected Senators co-founder Cyril Leeder from his role of team president/CEO in favour of Anselmi, formerly a top executive with Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment.