Teemu Selanne's remarkable skills apparently are matched by an equally remarkable memory. He has scored 634 career NHL goals, some of them unforgettable. To hear him tell it, in fact, nearly every one is memorable. "This might sound unrealistic, but I think I can almost tell you all the goals I have scored," he said Tuesday at practice before the Ducks left for Calgary. "That's how I practice goal scoring. After the games, before I go to sleep, I just go through that goal, how it happened. And I go through the chances when I didn't score and think about what I was supposed to do. That's a process where I try to get better with those situations." Selanne, 40, must have been up later Monday than most nights. He had three goals to review, the winger having netted a hat trick in a 5-4 victory over Colorado. After the game, Selanne said in a television interview he was "almost embarrassed" to score a hat trick at this point of his career. He was asked to elaborate Tuesday morning. "If we're up 5-2 and I have two goals, it almost looks stupid if I'm chasing the third one," he explained. "But a game like last night, when the game is tight, of course, then they're just pushing as much as you can.