You'd probably have to be an actual migrating duck to be on a road trip longer than the one the NHL's Anaheim Ducks find themselves in the midst of, but up to and through Wednesday, the longest uninterrupted road trip in franchise history still hadn't been interrupted by something as common as a standard regulation loss. So it happened to be that the Penguins were attempting to provide that pardonable interruption, but a third-period goal by Teemu Selanne, the oldest Duck in captivity at 41, not only lifted Anaheim's winning formation to a new altitude but snapped a six-game Penguins home winning streak simultaneously. "This was huge for us," said Selanne, who was in the NHL entry draft when Sidney Crosby was still in diapers. "We played [Tuesday] night [at Minnesota], and we didn't get in until three o'clock in the morning, and the Penguins came out pretty hard and jumped on us."