Dennis Seidenberg had surgery to repair his torn right ACL and MLC on January 7, 2014. Last week, both B's president Cam Neely and B's head coach Claude Julien wouldn't rule out a possible return to the ice for Seidenberg if the Bruins go deep enough in the playoffs (think Eastern Conference Finals or Stanley Cup Finals). This is obviously huge news and a huge boost to the B's if it does in fact happen. Mike Felger and the Boston Globe's Kevin Paul Dupont discuss this bit of news and how realistic it actually is. "It's realistic in that, first of all who the person is, the nature of the injury, and let's go back to probably the most critical decision they had in the playoffs with an injured player, that was Bergeron," Dupont said. "When Bergeron got dinged and they didn't know if he was going to come back. They were very, very cautious with him. You don't have to be that way about a knee. The knee in effect speaks for itself. They can go in and do strength testing. For them to be announcing now that it's possible, they know what the strength is today, they know what a horse he is. So yes, I think if you could project into a third round, fourth round, if needed maybe he's there."