The Bruins are off to one of their hottest starts in franchise history. But the same can't really be said for wonderboy Tyler Seguin. Seguin has just one empty-net goal this season (although he has had success in shootouts), and seems to be missing something out there on the ice. CSNNE's Gary Tanguay and 98.5 The Sports Hub's Bob Beers talked it out. "I just want to see him get more engaged in the corners and along the wall, those types of things," Beers said. "And you see signs of it, that he's starting to go in that direction. The skill set that he has is higher than anybody else on that Bruins team." Seguin had a breakout year last season, so what's the reason for his slow start this season? Beers says it could be a lack of drive. "You look at last year, he was hungry last year," Beers said. "The first season he had some healthy scratches, he was in and out of the lineup. Last year he was hungry. He came in ready to go and played great for them last season. This year is he as hungry? So, he's got to get that hunger back. He's got to get that desire back. And I do see him trying, I do see him pressing. And then when you press that's the almost the worst thing for you."