Those were the questions I asked myself while observing Anthony Davis while he played at Kentucky. I used those same questions while watching him perform during the New Orleans Hornets preseason. I answered yes to all of them. How players change ends of the floor -- getting from offense to defense and vice versa -- tells you a lot about their desire and passion for the game of basketball. Davis has a stride as if he was skating on ice. Smooth and efficient. That's important as his defensive potential at the NBA level will improve the Hornets defense "at the rim" and "off the ball." The Hornets defensive efficiency had them ranked at No. 16 last season. While Davis is blessed with a skill set and can become a very special player in the NBA as he gains experience, what's most impressive to me is it appears that he "loves to play." He finds joy in the work process; the demands and the expectations don't seem to intimidate him. One's work capacity and willingness to endure the uncomfortable will determine one's success. Experience can be a very painful teacher. Davis will learn more about his mental toughness, fatigue, and annoying physical pains playing in the NBA.