The Canucks are not do-nothings willing to sit back and watch while their best players are abused. It only seems that way. There wasn't a noticeable physical response Monday after Marc Methot became the latest opponent to take liberties with the health and well being of a Sedin. In the second period, Methot ran Henrik Sedin into the boards, just as the Canucks captain was lowering and turning his head. It made for some anxious moments as Henrik wobbled his way off the ice. His knee slammed into the boards and from that point he didn't skate or play well. He was adamant his play had nothing to do with the hit. "I was terrible before that and I was terrible afterward, too," said Henrik, who suggested his poor play is the reason he was caught off guard by the hit. "I wasn't good enough, so I'll take the hit when I'm not good enough."