On the day he was announced as a Hart Trophy finalist, Daniel Sedin was asked if his line has to be better in the second round than they were in the first. His answer was as close as a Sedin comes to snapping. "I thought we had one really bad game against Chicago. Game 4,' he said calmly. "Other than that I thought it was pretty solid." Maybe. But, in their epic Game-7 win against the Blackhawks, the Sedins looked more like Selke Trophy nominees than Hart because their greatest contribution was, finally, keeping David Bolland off the scoresheet. Granted, the pair had their moments but they finished the series as minus players and with two puny points between them over the final two games against the Hawks. The Canucks, of course, would survive the Blackhawks but, it goes without saying they won't go far this playoff season with the Sedins playing a shutdown role, either on themselves or the other team. Thursday night, then, the Canucks opened their second round series against the Nashville Predators and if the faithful were waiting for a little action with the twins, well, they're still waiting. The Sedins, in fact, were in the middle of about 10 scoring chances, as was just about every Canuck on this night, and produced, roughly, no goals and no points. OK, in Game 1 it didn't matter because the Canucks found a way to make Chris Higgins' second period goal stand up. But, geez Louise, it's now been the better part of three games watching the Canucks try to score a goal and it's been like watching a group of sliverbacks trying to build a fence.