When it comes to Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott‘s contractual entanglement with the team, I’m fully in favor of Zeke’s position. When it comes to his legal entanglement with a 19-year-old security guard who ended up on the ground after an encounter with Elliott at a Las Vegas music festival in May, I couldn’t disagree more with his legal team’s characterization of the situation.

Elliott’s lawyers call Kyle Johnson’s filing of a criminal complaint for battery “extortion.” It isn’t.

It may feel like extortion to Elliott, to the extent that Johnson and/or his lawyers have demanded a civil settlement from Elliott before filing a criminal complaint for battery. But it’s not extortion for someone to seek compensation under the threat/promise of taking legal action warranted by the circumstances.

The video originally obtained by TMZ shows Elliott and Johnson in a face-to-face altercation, with Elliott clearly the aggressor. While it isn’t clear from the video whether Johnson fell while backing away from Elliott or Elliott pushed Johnson down with an elbow, Johnson consistently has said he was pushed.