The Flyers’ big guns have carried the offense this season, but secondary scoring will be needed in the final two-plus months if this team is going to land in the Stanley Cup playoffs. That means players like Jordan Weal (six goals), Michael Raffl (nine), Val Filppula (10), Nolan Patrick (three), and Scott Laughton (seven) will play key roles. “It’s going to be huge,” Weal said after Tuesday’s practice in Voorhees, where the Flyers prepared for Wednesday’s game in Washington. “There are so many teams, especially in our division, that have two awesome lines. Just like us. If we can get the third- and fourth-line guys to kind of step up and get some goals here and there, it’s going to make the difference. A lot of games, the top two lines are going to cancel each other out, and that’s when the depth players have to come in and really make their mark and control the fate of the game. “I think we’ve been doing a really good job of that lately.” Raffl, who on Wednesday will join the third line and have Weal and Filppula as his new linemates, has nine goals in his last 28 games and three in his last 10 games. Weal has also chipped in lately, scoring three goals in his last 11 games. “I haven’t played much with Raf, but he works his bag off every game,” Weal said. “He’s a great checker, great scorer, and can handle the puck down low. I think if we all continue to work hard and play our game, we’ll be a pivotal line to our team.” Weal will be trying to duplicate last season’s strong finish — eight goals in the last 19 games.