After the controversial finish in the LSU-Kentucky game on Tuesday, the Southeastern Conference is recommending instant replay in those situations, an SEC spokesman confirmed to | The Times-Picayune on Friday afternoon.

The Athletic’s Kyle Tucker first reported the news.

The play coming under fire was Kavell Bigby-Williams’ buzzer-beater tip-in that boosted LSU to an upset with over the No. 5 Wildcats in Rupp Arena. Many people felt that Bigby-Williams’ shot should have been waved off for basket interference.

The SEC provided | The Times-Picayune with the following statement:

"In accordance with NCAA Basketball Playing Rules, it is not permissible for game officials to utilize instant replay to review potential basket interference. By rule, in this situation, the officials may only use the monitor to determine whether a try for a field goal entering the basket was released before the reading of zeroes on the game clock and to determine if any time remains in the game.