Every time King Felix Hernandez comes to town and pitches another one of his customary gems, as he did again Saturday, you can almost hear the collective sighs and salivating from the Yankee high command that has grown weary of being told how content the indomitable Mariner lefty is pitching for perennial last-place teams in Seattle. We heard it once again on the eve of this second three-game series between the Mariners and Yankees in the Bronx when Seattle general manager Jack Zduriencik stated for about the gazillionth time he has no interest in trading Hernandez, who has two more years remaining on his contract. And just to reiterate that, Zduriencik, in a brief interview with some baseball scribes in the Mariner clubhouse after Hernandez had completed his two-hit, 1-0 masterpiece, could not conceal a smile when asked if he got special pleasure out of teasing the Yankee high command like this with his special pitcher.