After the Buccaneers beat the Saints on Sunday, coaches Dirk Koetter and Sean Payton had a postgame handshake that seemed to show there are still hard feelings over the ugly incident in the teams’ previous meeting. The two shook hands near midfield and smiled, but as they exchanged shoulder slaps they looked less like friends than like two guys who wanted to exert dominance by slapping shoulders harder than necessary. Payton started to walk off, but then Koetter appeared to want to say something about the teams’ previous meeting, when Buccaneers wide receiver Mike Evans cheap-shotted Saints cornerback Marshon Lattimore, resulting in a suspension. As Koetter tried to say something, Payton explained why he was upset. “Here’s the thing: I got pissed in the last game,” Payton said. “I couldn’t see it,” Koetter replied, apparently indicating he didn’t see the hit his player delivered on Payton’s player. Payton didn’t buy that explanation, replying, “Come on.”