There’s a misconception in some circles regarding my opinion regarding the future of Jared Goff in L.A. Some think I’ve said that the Rams are destined to dump him for another quarterback. The truth is significantly more nuanced than that.

And the nuances regarding Goff’s future with the team are becoming more complex, as the team goes out of its way to shoot down the notion that Goff may not be the long-term answer.

Beyond comments made by McVay earlier this week to reporters, he sat down with Fred Roggin of NBC’s L.A. affiliate, and responded to this remark which, if I’m the pundit to whom Roggin is referring, misstates the theory: “I don’t know how often you check online and care what the pundits say. One suggested that, you know, the thing about Jared Goff is there will be a point in time when you’re just going to get rid of him because you’re gonna bring somebody in here who’s younger who will be your kind of guy. Now to me I thought that was insane . . . because you’ve developed him into one of the top quarterbacks in the game.”

The point isn’t that McVay will simply cut the cord on Goff and find someone else. The point is that, as the top of the quarterback market continues to climb and climb and climb (in less than two years, it’s gone from $25 million per year to $35 million per year), someone eventually will say “no” to the demands of a quarterback who values himself more than the team values him. And until Goff signs a long-term deal, he could be the guy who demands too much, prompting the team to choose to spend less for someone whom Sean McVay can develop into “one of the top quarterbacks in the game,” the same way he has developed Goff.