The Rams have lost kicker Greg Zuerlein for the season with a herniated disc in his back. For now, Sam Ficken will be doing the kickin’ (I couldn’t resist), and coach Sean McVay was asked on Thursday whether the change will affect his decision making. “Just a little bit, yes,” McVay told reporters. “I think just because of the range that Greg has – you’ve got confidence in our ability to be able to make kicks, but I think the range that Greg has when you just look at the distance that he can consistently hit it from. That will change a little bit. But in terms of, ‘Are we going to be going for it on fourth downs and things like that?’ That won’t change. I think just the distance at which you would punt as opposed to maybe attempt a field goal because of the range that Greg has, that would really be the only thing that would be altered with our approach just right now.”