The void left behind by the departures of Matt LaFleur and Greg Olson will, in some way, be filled by Sean McVay. LaFleur left the Rams to become the Tennessee Titans' offensive coordinator, while Olson is now the Oakland Raiders' offensive coordinator, which means that -- for the fourth consecutive year -- the voices surrounding Los Angeles Rams quarterback Jared Goff will be different. But the continuity will lie in McVay, who plans to spend a lot more time with Goff in his second year as the Rams' head coach. McVay described it as "being more present." "Not only the head coach-quarterback relationship, but the playcaller-quarterback relationship is paramount for us moving forward, to continue to improve on the rapport that we've already developed and the relationship that we have," McVay said in a phone conversation from the scouting combine in Indianapolis earlier this week. "It's just being intentional about connecting with your guy. Year 2, when you don't have the amount of things that you're not necessarily accustomed to doing -- I think just getting a more comfortable rhythm will allow you to kind of project being around a little bit more, but still also letting your coaches coach." One of the central reasons McVay landed the job as the Rams' coach when he was still only 30 years old stemmed from the growth Kirk Cousins made at quarterback under his watch. McVay was able to build a close relationship with Cousins while serving as the Washington Redskins' offensive coordinator from 2014 to 2016. But his first year as the Rams' head coach and offensive playcaller pulled him in an assortment of different directions that didn't allow him to build a close enough bond with Goff.