There were times in 2020 when it seemed like Jared Goff and Sean McVay were on different pages, but a new report has shed a light on just how bad things had gotten behind the scenes for the Los Angeles Rams over the past two seasons. 

Per ESPN's Lindsey Thiry, there was a postgame locker-room incident in front of other Rams players and coaches after a Week 12 loss to the San Francisco 49ers that stood out:

"McVay glared in Goff's direction, shouting that he needed to play better and couldn't continue to turn the ball over. McVay didn't say the quarterback's name, but those who were there said they knew to whom McVay was talking.

"Minutes later, a heated McVay continued to call out Goff, but this time to reporters, the first time in four seasons as coach he took aim at a player rather than putting the blame on himself after a loss."

That was the same game in which McVay said during his postgame press conference that Goff "has to take better care of the football."

According to Thiry, who spoke with "more than two dozen sources, including Rams players, coaches and front-office personnel," the issues between Goff and McVay began in 2019.