You can bet head coach Sean McVay and the Los Angeles Rams are thrilled to land a massive upgrade at quarterback in Matthew Stafford for the 2021 season and beyond.

McVay confirmed this notion in a recent interview on The Rich Eisen Show, which was as much about what the wunderkind coach said as what he didn’t say about departed Detroit Lions signal-caller Jared Goff.

While McVay acknowledged during the discussion that Goff showed grit by coming back from surgery on his right thumb to win a playoff game this past postseason, he also gushed about his new QB and implied that Stafford can do fundamental things at a high level that Goff, frankly, can’t.

“You’re able to execute your play-actions, your movements, and those things, but when you get into third down and those known passing [situations]…the two-minute drills at the end of the half, end of the game…The way that [Stafford]’s able to move and manipulate the pocket…to recognize and understand coverage and make all five eligibles come alive, the way that he can create off-schedule in the pocket, out of the pocket, and just the overall competitiveness and command.