Buffalo Bills coach Sean McDermott said rookie quarterback Jake Fromm has communicated with the team on "more than one occasion" after texts surfaced earlier this month of Fromm suggesting guns should be priced to a point where "only elite white people can afford them."

Although McDermott commended Fromm for how he has approached his attempts at redemption so far -- which was a contributing factor in the Bills' decision to keep him following the incident -- he also noted there is far more work to be done than virtual apologies.

"Jake's situation is certainly one that we've taken very seriously," McDermott said. "Jake did a very good job of communicating to the team on more than one occasion ... and that has to continue.

"Right now it's, where do we go from here? Jake has to continue to earn it. ... There's going to be players who are going to be wanting to see how Jake acts and reacts in certain situations. Not just on the field but off the field."