There was obviously more that Seahawks receiver Doug Baldwin wanted to say in the immediate aftermath of what might have been the most frustrating season of his seven years in Seattle. But as he did following Sunday’s 26-24 loss to Arizona that ended Seattle’s season at 9-7 on Sunday, Baldwin on Monday tried to rein himself in when he felt he might be getting too close to violating what is one of coach Pete Carroll’s number one rules — to protect the team. “So if I was to talk to you about what I believe are the issues, that wouldn’t be protecting the team,’’ Baldwin said as he met with a group of reporters as players cleaned out their lockers on Monday and headed into an earlier-than-expected offseason. Not that Baldwin didn’t still say a lot. Specifically, Baldwin said that any blaming of the team’s offensive woes on offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell is misguided. Baldwin, in fact, asked the assembled media if they watch film and can figure out on their own what the issues are as he defended Bevell, who has been the team’s offensive coordinator since 2011, the same year Baldwin arrived.