The Seahawks have restructured O'Brien Schofield's contract to a more incentive-based deal. Schofield picked up on waivers from the Cardinals last weekend was set to make $1.323M in 2013 but the Seahawks bumped his base pay down to $1M with up to $1M in incentives (likely based on playing time and sacks) reports Brian McIntyre. Per BMac - based on Schofield's pace of sacks production and playing time last year "the $1.025M in incentives are very attainable." In other words the Schofield took a pay-cut in base salary but will have earned a raise if he can contribute on the field. Sounds like a Seahawks front office type of deal. Always compete. Protects them somewhat from Schofield's injury history but rewards him should he produce on the field. Schofield will be play a Bruce Irvin style role in the Seahawks' defense whatever that ends up being - right now it looks like it will be a combination LEO-SAM linebacker type of thing where he'll line up near or at the line of scrimmage rush the passer or drop into the flats or short middle.