Percy Harvin's next reception will be the most important catch of his life. Harvin, the Seattle Seahawks' wide receiver, will become a first-time father, with his son due June 12, and Harvin is planning (with the blessing of his girlfriend and her doctor, of course) to be the one catching the child in the delivery room. "I think it's going to be amazing," Harvin told USA TODAY Sports. "Ever since she's been pregnant, it's given me more of a sense of responsibility, as far as doing what I love to do. But I get to do it for my little man now." Could it be? Could Harvin, one of the NFL's notorious problem children, be growing up? This is the version of Harvin the Seahawks are just getting to know, three months after Seattle pulled off the biggest trade of the offseason when it sent three draft picks — including a first-rounder — to Minnesota to get the receiver, whose four-year tenure with the Vikings was marked by nearly as many squabbles as jaw-dropping plays. Before finalizing the trade, Seattle head coach Pete Carroll and general manager John Schneider wanted to talk to Harvin face-to-face. An in-person meeting wasn't immediately possible, so they chatted over Skype, enabling them to see Harvin's face as they asked him difficult questions. They already knew about Harvin's talent. And they knew about his run-ins with head coaches Brad Childress and Leslie Frazier, and about threatened holdouts and trade requests and contract whining. Mostly, they wanted to know if Harvin was a person they wanted in their locker room. They wanted to see if Harvin's answers meshed with the research they already had done by talking to former coaches and teammates.