Seattle Seahawks defensive lineman Michael Bennett said he was honored by a gesture of support he received Sunday from a Vietnam War veteran. According to Bennett, the man approached him on the field at Levi's Stadium after Seattle's 24-13 win over the San Francisco 49ers and handed Bennett what he said was his unit coin from Vietnam. Bennett said he didn't know if the man was a 49ers or Seahawks fan. "He lost half his battalion. He was telling me about the POWs and the people missing in action. He gave that to me, says he loves everything I stand for," Bennett said, displaying the coin for the assembled media to see. "That's just an honor to be able to get something like that. That's a big deal." Before the game, Bennett and several other members of Seattle's defensive line sat on the bench during the national anthem, continuing a protest of racial inequality in the United States that they had halted over the past two weeks. Left tackle Duane Brown took a knee during the anthem Sunday.