What is an NFL week of action without some kind of officiating screwup? It's not a normal one, that's what, and this week featured a number of questionable moves by the officials when it came to handling players who are fighting, but it also featured a potential clock mishap at the end of the Redskins-Seahawks game. In that particular contest, there is a very good rationale for why the Seahawks never should have had a Hail Mary at the end of the game. Fortunately for the NFL, Russell Wilson didn't complete the pass and the Redskins won the game. In fact, as former NFL vice president of officiating Mike Pereira -- now with Fox Sports -- pointed out, "the NFL is pretty damn lucky that pass was incomplete." It was a close call too -- if DeAngelo Hall doesn't knock down the pass, the Seahawks win on another controversial late-game situation in Seattle.