Richard Sherman was in Las Vegas Thursday attending NFL Players Association meetings and also — according to a few pictures on social media, anyway — trying his luck at a craps table. What he also figures to soon be is an ex-Seahawk with the team remaining expected to release him in the next 24 to 48 hours. The Seahawks have explored trade options for Sherman but nothing appears to have materialized — at least as of Thursday morning — and Seattle is likely to instead release Sherman ahead of the beginning of the new league year on Wednesday. Sherman isn’t apparently attracting much of a trade market because teams know he is likely to be released and because of his $11 million salary and coming off an Achilles injury. Because Sherman is a vested veteran his contract would officially be terminated and he would immediately become a free agent. The Seahawks would be open to re-signing Sherman at a lower salary than the $11 million he is due in 2018. But how eager Sherman would be to return to Seattle at a lower salary is hard to tell. Conventional wisdom is Sherman would likely want to move on. Releasing Sherman would save the Seahawks $11 million in salary cap room for 2018. And doing it by the weekend would give Sherman — who is acting as his own agent — a head start on finding a new team ahead of the beginning of the new league year on Wednesday, when players whose contracts run out will officially become free agents. If Sherman were unable to play again, the Seahawks would also be on the hook for an additional $1.15 million in an injury protection payout, the same as will also be the case with Cliff Avril if the Seahawks also release him and he cannot play again.