The Seahawks have talked to Earl Thomas’ representatives about a new contract, continuing the first steps to avoiding any idea of the holdout the three-time All-Pro free safety has hinted is possible this fall. General manager John Schneider said Friday at the NFL combine he’s met with Thomas’ agents while he’s been here in Indiana since Monday night. “I've talked to his representatives. Yeah, I mean, that's all I can say,” Schneider said. “Earl is under contract. I've talked to his representatives in the meetings we've had down here. We are meeting with all our guys here, as well as other teams, you know. Trying to figure out where everybody is. We have a huge map, and we're just trying to put it all together." Schneider has set precedents since taking the job in January 2010 of re-signing core starters in the final years of their existing contracts and before those deals run out. The Seahawks did that with Thomas in April 2014, entering the final year of his first NFL contract, when they gave him a four-year, $40 million deal. That contract expires this year. Schneider said those precedents do not apply in this case with Thomas. "Well, it's a little different. This would be his third (contract),” Schneider said. “It's a little different situation than when you have a guy coming off his rookie deal and then you are just going on a second contract.” That, and the Seahawks’ salary-cap constraints now compared to then, raise the possibility he plays through this contract year--and the disgruntlement he’d surely have about that--if the two sides can’t find an agreement before the season begins in September.