Seahawks general manager John Schneider has never seen a draft like this one. He's not alone. The Kansas City Chiefs are looking at four players for the No. 1 pick because there is no obvious choice. Mike Mayock, widely considered the best draft analyst in the business, said he has "zero confidence" in his mock draft. John Elway told The Denver Post, "We feel like we can get as good a player at No. 28 as we could at 10." "It's the most unique draft, and honest to god I'm not just saying this because we don't have a first-round draft choice this year," Schneider said. "It's really just going to be your favorite flavor of ice cream." The Seahawks, who don't have a first-round choice after trading it to Minnesota in the Percy Harvin deal, are scheduled to draft their first player in the second round Friday with the 56th selection overall. There is always a wait-and-see aspect, but this year will likely accentuate that as teams see who rises and falls in a draft viewed as deep but not top-heavy. Schneider has made five draft-day trades in his three years at the helm. Not once did the Seahawks move forward in any of the deals. "We don't really move up," Schneider said. "I'm not going to say that. You never know, there may be a player that falls. That's what I'm saying, we have no idea. My boss kind of gives me crud for not ever moving up." Don't put it past the Seahawks to move up if a player they value highly falls late in the first round or early in the second round — Schneider calls these scenarios upsets — but history suggests, if anything, Seattle will trade down and stockpile more selections later in the draft. Schneider and his staff build their draft board based on "depth at each position and then how we think people can compete at certain positions with the guys currently on our roster or the guys we project may not be on our roster in 2014." The Seahawks bolstered their roster with big moves this offseason — "Offseason champs," NFL Network analyst Charles Davis said in reports — but that doesn't mean the Seahawks don't have needs.