Since 2011, five Seahawks players have been suspended for violating the NFL's substance-abuse policy as it relates to performance-enhancing drugs. It's led to nicknames (meet the the Seadderall Seahawks, everyone) as well as righteous commentary from 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh, whose rivalry with Seahawks coach Pete Carroll goes way back. "You want to be above reproach," Harbaugh said earlier this week regarding the rash of Seahawks suspensions, "especially when you're good, because you don't want people to come back and say, 'They're winning because they're cheating.' … If you don't, if you cheat to win then you've already lost, according to Bo Schembechler. And Bo Schembechler is about next to the Word of God. It's not the Word of God, but it's close." Carroll didn't offer much of a response to Harbaugh's observations, but Seattle cornerback Brandon Browner more than made up for it. During a radio appearance on KJR, Browner offered this assessment of the 49ers coach: “He's never gonna be out there lined up against me," the cornerback said. "I wish he would. I'd put my hands around his neck." And what? Give Harbaugh a medal? Hug him? Shove that whistle down his throat? Choke him out? We'll have to wait four months to find out. Browner -- one of the five players to be suspended -- and the Seahawks host 49ers in Week 2 of the 2013 season in a nationally televised Sunday night game.