Rumors that the San Francisco 49ers could be considering Leonard Fournette at No. 2 overall continue to persist. Following up on a report from last week that the 49ers were “seriously considering” making Fournette their selection with the second pick of the draft, Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune continued to perpetuate that notion. “Scuttlebutt in league circles Monday night was the 49ers could make LSU’s Leonard Fournette the highest-drafted running back since the Saints selected Reggie Bush No. 2 in 2006,” Biggs wrote. Frankly, this would be a huge mistake. While the 49ers do need insurance at running back, given Carlos Hyde’s injury history the past few years, there are better overall players and better fits at running back than Fournette for Mike Shanahan’s offense. If San Francisco is going to take a back high in Round 1, it should do so after having moved down a few slots at least and it should make Christian McCaffrey the selection (we detailed this exact scenario here).