Eleven scores and a fortnight ago, you read a column here about actual confidence in the Blues.

But with those 11 goals in seven games, and just five added points in the standings later, the Blues have even the most-optimistic observers wondering what has happened — and if it’s too late to fix the problems.

And what’s interesting is that Vladimir Tarasenko is playing really well. Some thought a returning jolt from No. 91 would rejuvenate the Blues. Instead, the team has gone 2-4-1.

There is still a good amount of hockey to play. The Blues are in a good place to nab one of the four playoff spots in the West Division. But the Blues blew a golden opportunity — five of their last seven games were against teams below them. Craig Berube’s Blues are letting a lot of people down, in part because they’re not consistently playing Craig Berube hockey.

The postgame quotes are sounding similar to those from the first months of the 2018-19 season. This Blues club has a new captain and some new faces, but still has many of the same players from that infamous stretch, which is now a famous stretch, because it was a precursor to the amazing Cup run. The current Blues just seem to have so many issues. For a while, the talk was the team was playing poor defensively. Now, the team isn’t producing much much offense (while playing some inopportune defense).

“Yeah, I definitely didn’t expect us to be in this position,” Ryan O’Reilly, the Blues’ captain, said on a postgame Zoom after the club lost in overtime Sunday to last-place Anaheim. “I know how good we can be and our personnel and how good it is. This happens. I think none of us expected it, but there’s definitely growth to be had -— we have to find a way out and the only way we’re going to do this is together. If we don’t, we obviously won’t be where we want to. But it’s challenging for every one of us, coaching staff, every player, our goaltending. We have to help each other out — and it’s frustrating right now.”