The NFL scouting combine — the Washington Redskins‘ time to shine — is upon us. Last year, the franchise glowed. For those who have drank the Kool Aid by the barrel and believe that this organization has long since buried the dysfunctional and destructive days of Dan Snyder’s ownership style, it is important to recall the Redskins 2017 scouting combine act — the disappearance of Redskins general manager Scot McCloughan. When the Prince of Darkness, Redskins team president Bruce Allen, tells you anything — anything at all — it would be instructive for you to recall this soap opera that took place a year ago. Radio station 106.7 The Fan was the first to report that McCloughan had been “sent home on the team” and was not attending the combine. The team went full bore in trying to discredit the report — which turned out to be true. CSN Mid-Atlantic reported from a “source” that suggestions McCloughan had been fired were inaccurate. “It’s all bull –-. He’s not fired,” the report claimed. There was a lot of bull –- going on last year. But nobody was better at it than the Prince of Darkness. In an interview on Nashville 104.5 The Zone, Allen was asked about McCloughan’s status and the reports that he had been fired.