Scottie Pippen has become one of the most controversial voices in the NBA in recent times. The Chicago Bulls legend went from being the beloved player that everybody respected when he shared touches with Michael Jordan to one salty man that says whatever bad thing comes to his mind when he recalls his time in Windy City.

Still, nobody can deny the impact the six-time NBA champion made on the game, which is why many people go to him to discuss NBA-related issues. In a new interview with TrashTalk, Pippen opened up on his new book, while also discussing why he never won the DPOY award and how he'd guard Giannis Antetokounmpo if they played today. 

Moreover, at the end of the interview, Pippen was asked to name his all-time starting lineup, and he came up with an interesting squad that included himself, some of the biggest rivals he faced in his career, as well as his best teammate ever (18:55).