The Red Wings have a big week ahead -- as in being at home for the last big stretch of the season. They host Colorado tonight, Edmonton on Thursday, pop down to Columbus on Saturday and then come home for a Sunday evening game against the Blue Jackets. Starting next week, the Wings are on the road 14 of the last 22 games -- mostly in California and western Canada. "We understand how important this week is, especially these four games, because after this, we're out west, home, out west, home, out west," Daniel Cleary said Monday. "The schedule, it's only beginning." Nearly at the midway point of the season, the Wings have banked 24 points -- and of late, a fair bit of confidence. "I think everyone in here," Johan Franzen said, "feels we can beat every team in this league. We've played some good hockey, we just need to close out the games a little bit better." The Wings haven't scored a lot the last three games -- three regulation goals -- but they haven't surrendered much, either, allowing just four goals in regulation.