The recent loss of Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Mike Williams to a season-ending hamstring injury appears to be having its expected negative impact on fellow wideout Vincent Jackson. Jackson continues to lead the team in pass receptions with 46. But in the two games since Williams left the lineup, Jackson has been targeted just 12 times and has only five receptions for 39 yards. Those numbers must change, Bucs coach Greg Schiano said. “We need to make sure he gets his touches because he’s a dynamic player,” Schiano said. “You’re talking about a Pro Bowl player. “And, certainly, with the loss of some (of our) weapons offensively, defenses are really going to key on him now. That’s a fact of life. But get over it and find a way to get him the ball. That’s what we have to do.’’ The Bucs already use Jackson as both a wideout and a slot receiver, a role that seldom falls to players of his size and caliber. Schiano suggested they might have to move Jackson even more to get the production needed from him. Bucs offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan is working on new ways to utilize Jackson, but suggested the best option might come from a combination of play design and play calling. “It’s a matter of finding the right mixture, because you can move him around but then you say, ‘Wait a minute, if we’re putting him in this spot then it’s 100-percent pass if you check the run-pass ratio,’ ’’ Sullivan said. “So, maybe you better run out of that. But the bottom line is, there is no question we have to continue to do that to be effective. We’re focused on that because that is a guy we are counting on.’’