Houston Texans coach Gary Kubiak and one-time franchise quarterback Matt Schaub might have written their tickets out of town with their actions in Sunday's 28-23 loss to the Oakland Raiders. Kubiak pushed his chips to the center of the table and bet the house on Schaub when he made the head-scratching decision to bench a clearly superior Case Keenum in the third quarter. Playing through a cascade of boos and catcalls from the home, Schaub saw a trio of fourth-quarter drives stall in the red zone. The final one sealed the Texans' fate when Schaub couldn't punch the ball into the end zone from two yards out. Afforded a two-score cushion, the Raiders were happy to leave underneath routes open for Schaub. That strategy appeared to light the fireworks that exploded after Schaub missed a wide open Andre Johnson down the sideline. Perhaps frustrated by Keenum's benching as well as Schaub's error, Johnson removed his helmet and started waving. The tension between the long-time teammates increased after's Schaub end-zone pass to Johnson was thrown into safety Usama Young's hands with the game on the line. Johnson yelled at Schaub, who screamed back at his favorite receiver in a sideline exchange. A fuming Johnson went on to leave the sideline as the Raiders were kneeling to end the game.