The Thunder is in the market for a shooting guard. Either by newcomer or oldcomer. Maybe free agent. Maybe trade. Maybe Jeremy Lamb. Maybe Reggie Jackson. But it seems clear that Thabo Sefolosha’s days are over in Oklahoma City. And here’s who the Thunder needs. Someone like Danny Green. I know, it’s quite an opportunistic time to be espousing Green, who played sensationally in the NBA Finals: 21.2 minutes, 9.2 points and 2.0 steals per game, on 53.1 shooting, including 45 percent 3-point shooting. Plus solid defense on Dwyane Wade and occasionally LeBron James. Green doesn’t always play like that. But he does a lot. We’ve seen him enough battling the Thunder to know that. And it’s not like Green is available. The Thunder doesn’t need Danny Green. Or at least shouldn’t covet the unattainable. The Thunder needs someone like Danny Green. Good shooter. Solid defender. That’s it. Nothing spectacular. Nothing stunning. Just a good shooter and solid defender.