Back in April, Barry Zito was a thing. His ERA was 1.71, and he'd thrown a shutout at Coors Field. What was the new Zito's secret? Did he find the thing he lost after he found the lost pitch he was finding all along? Was this the new old Zito or the old new Zito? Because we new certainly couldn't expect the old new old Zito, we just new it. Early in the season, Zito was throwing his slider/cutter (slutter) often -- it was his most-used pitch, with him throwing it 27 percent of the time in April. Did he get away from it and go back to his old repertoire? Some updated numbers: Percentage of sliders thrown (rank compared to other pitches): 2012: 30% (1) 2011: 8% (5) 2010: 15% (5) 2009: 19% (2) 2008: 11% (5) 2007: 5% (4)