Although Odell Beckham Jr. seemingly won't be short of options when he's ready to resume his NFL career, a return to the upstart New York Giants would arguably be the most compelling move.

Giants running back Saquon Barkley - who attended Beckham's 30th birthday party during his team's bye week - believes the merits of a reunion speak for themselves.

"I feel like there's not really a sales pitch. It's New York. It's the Giants," Barkley said Friday. "Obviously, he has familiar faces within this facility and in this locker room. Personally, I think it would be a great story to come back to a place that you were at before and continue to build success."

The sweepstakes for the star wide receiver now include the Dallas Cowboys, Los Angeles Rams, Buffalo Bills, and Kansas City Chiefs.

Cowboys stars Micah Parsons and Ezekiel Elliott have pushed on Twitter for Beckham to join the club, while owner Jerry Jones recently teased a potential move for the free agent.

Additionally, Bills pass-rusher Von Miller has publicly courted Beckham, his former Rams teammate, on multiple occasions.