Warren Sapp insists he doesn't have anything against Ndamukong Suh personally. He's only met him once and doesn't know him at all. He's just not a fan of the way Suh plays the defensive tackle position. "Players today, when somebody don't agree with how they play or with what they're doing, it's hate and it has to be personal," said Sapp, a former all-pro defensive tackle now an analyst for NFL Network, on Tuesday. "The last time I checked, I played the three-technique defensive tackle position pretty well. And now I'm an analyst. "I don't think I ever said anything about his (auto) accident. I didn't say anything about him stepping on a man two Thanksgivings in a row. I am just looking at his technique and seeing the same things. Until he evolves, I'm going to keep saying the same things." Sapp has been a loud critic of Suh's since 2011. Last season, Suh challenged Sapp to either be a fan and keep criticizing him or be a mentor and teach him something. "He called me a fan, I didn't read that as he was reaching out," Sapp said. "He said teach me something, don't criticize me. The last time I checked, I am an analyst and he's playing my position. I might know something about that and I was analyzing it. But he either wants to be your friend or your enemy. I don't care. It's fine with me either way."