Robert Griffin III openly relished in Mike Shanahan’s 2013 firing, Santana Moss informed Chad Dukes of 106.7 The Fan, adding yet another chapter to a book that, two years removed from Griffin’s time in Washington, still has not been completely written. Since his playing days, which culminated in 2014, Moss has alluded to more going on behind the scenes than what met the eye, though, to my knowledge, he’s never come out and said it so matter-of-factly. To the best of my knowledge, no player from that troubled time at Redskins Park has come out and said what Moss told Dukes on Monday. “I feel like [Mike Shanahan] was robbed of having more years and having more time with that team,” Moss said in May 2016. “I remember talking to [Dan Snyder] before the season started, before they had the draft, and he asked me questions about [Griffin],” Moss said in Feb. 2016, recalling the first time the Redskins owner expressed doubt about Griffin’s ability. “And you could just tell how concerned he was. Can he do some of the things that he asked me? And I’m like, ‘Yes, he can do it, but he has to show it.'” And then there was the whole ‘the ball was in his hand last’ kerfuffle, stemming from a Nov. 2013 loss at Philadelphia — a game which ended on a fourth-quarter Robert Griffin interception. Those remarks, Moss clarified a day later, and then once more three years later. The story picks up in 2013. Moss, then 34, was nearing the end of his career, but believed he still had another three seasons left in the tank, thanks to a choice conversation with then-head coach Mike Shanahan. “I’m gonna move you to the slot, because I feel like I can go more out of you long term if I put you inside and give you less reps,” Moss recalled that conversation.