Sandy Alderson is gambling this offseason. It began when the Mets GM seemingly went outside the box and put his faith, and the team’s future, in an unproven, and unconventional hire for a first-time manager in Mickey Callaway. Now, Alderson is holding his cards, betting that waiting out the market will get him and the Mets back to being a playoff-contending team in a year. Last week, as all of baseball gathered at Disney for the Winter Meetings, one National League East front office executive said that his team’s plan was the same: wait out the market and get better deals. “Sometimes, you can get the better deals after the meetings, by waiting and going into January,” the executive said. “It’s a gamble, but for us, we’ll wait and see what happens.” Admittedly, that’s a little harder for the Mets, who are always being compared to the free-spending Yankees. As frustrating as it was for Mets fans to watch the Yankees — just off a deep playoff run — land Giancarlo Stanton, the reigning National League MVP, last week while the Mets seemingly made little progress on 2018, all they can do is hope there are better deals to come. Though the Mets won’t say it publicly or on the record, it is obvious they are not going to go out and spend big money on free agents this winter. They spent their big money last year bringing back Yoenis Cespedes, they are betting that with him being healthy next season, their offense isn’t as bad as it looked in 2017. They admittedly have a very thin farm system, too light on the type of prospects they would need to pull off a deal for a player that could change the trajectory of this team.