This was a bad weekend for Mets fans. First, the Yankees reminded everyone they were the Yankees by landing Giancarlo Stanton. And then, if there were any doubt that the Mets are still the Mets, Sandy Alderson corroborated that at the outset of the Winter Meetings by giving a lay of the land that was the verbal equivalent of weak tea. In summation, he indicated the Mets will not be aggressive in the relief or second-base markets and wait for the prices to drop, though those are their two main areas of need. He said the plan is not to get a first baseman who takes Dom Smith out of the competition — so think Adam Lind, not Carlos Santana or even Logan Morrison. He described finding a starter as the fourth need on a three-need list. Alderson also explained, “our farm system right now is not brimming with prospects.” And, oh yeah, he mentioned the Mets never dabbled in the Stanton sweepstakes, notably because of the costs. So put it all together and the Mets will not be spending lots of money this offseason, but even worse, they do not have a farm system that will help as a feeder to the majors or in trades. What is clear now is the Mets are mainly back in the game of hoping their rotation saves them, with the belief that by hiring a pitching coach as manager (Mickey Callaway) and a new pitching coach (Dave Eiland), plus doing a better job in the offseason of monitoring and training their pitchers (how were they not doing this before?), they will optimize the quality arms.