According to a radio interview that Gery Woelfel did with Bill Michaels of WSSP 1250, Larry Sanders reportedly punched Mike Dunleavy, Jr. in a locker room incident during the 2012-13 season. Given the miserable string of incidents that marred Sanders’ 2013-14 season, finding out an extra one from the season prior is unsurprising, yet it adds to the long list of issues that Sanders has amassed during his four-year professional career in Milwaukee. Below is a transcription of the interview and further below is an embedded version of the audio of it. The relevant portion starts around the 11:55 mark. Bill Michaels: If you’re going to trade Larry Sanders, who are you going to trade him for or what are you looking for in return? Gery Woelfel: A third-round draft pick. (Chuckles). Michaels: What do you say to a bag of basketballs? Woelfel: That’s how I feel about Sanders. To me, it’s addition by subtraction. I’ve talked to enough players, enough coaches in the last 2-3 years. Michaels: He’s just that much of a negative influence? Because a year ago we were thinking that this guy called out Monta Ellis, he called out Brandon Jennings in the locker room and said, “Quit worrying about your contracts. Let’s concentrate on the postseason.” And we were thinking this guy is great. This is what you want. And my God, did it turn around in a hurry. Woelfel: Yeah, I mean it’s one thing to make comments behind closed doors about guys if you’re a player. But when you physically hit them, that’s quite another thing. And everybody knows about the Monta Ellis incident. Earlier that same season — which didn’t go reported until I found out last season, if that makes sense – was that early in that season he and Mike Dunleavy had a confrontation. Dunleavy was sitting in front of his stall after a game. They’re talking about sharing the ball blah blah blah and Sanders walks over and says ‘helloooo’ and clocks him.