After a layoff of 623 days, San Francisco 49ers left tackle Trent Williams reintroduced himself to the NFL in resounding fashion.

On the final play of the first quarter of the Niners' 24-20 loss to Arizona on Sunday, Williams threw a bone-jarring pancake block on Cardinals linebacker Jordan Hicks that almost immediately went viral.

"I think that's one of the best ones I've probably had, probably put on tape," Williams said. "I've had some good shots where I'm out on the screen and kind of catch a little guy, but in the box it's a lot harder to get those type of blocks. So, I think it would probably rank at the top of my career."

On the play, a 9-yard handoff to tight end George Kittle, Williams said his first job was to read the defense based on if there was a defender lined up over the guard. Williams said with nobody lined up over the guard, he immediately knew that he would have a free run at Hicks.