The San Diego Chargers, in desperate need of defensive linemen, signed Defensive End Jarius Wynn today. Wynn spent 2012 as a backup for the Tennessee Titans after spending three seasons with the Green Bay Packers as a backup. Wynn isn't a good player, but he has experience playing the 3-4 DE position, he's young (he'll turn 27 during training camp) and he's likely inexpensive. For a defensive line that has its starters in place and is looking for some capable bodies to back them up, this is a solid move. Wynn's official measurements seem to change depending on which site you're looking him up on. Some list him at 6'3" while others list him at 6'5". Some have him as light as 273lbs, while others have him as heavy as 285lbs. Those things may not seem important but the heavier and taller he is the better it is for the Chargers.