So begins a two day stand against the Phoenix Suns. To be frightfully honest there is not a lot to say about the Suns this season. In one sentence: they are a lottery bound team that can occasionally be brilliant. So on that note instead of the usual punditry of a game preview let's play a drinking game. (Now I am not encouraging nor even suggesting that you should drink during this game. Some of you might be medical professionals on call, some of you might be watching the game while monitoring a nuclear reactor. (by the way: not a good idea) So if your drink of choice happens to be cranberry juice then all is good. However if you do drink alcohol during this game I would suggest that you not drink something terribly strong like Everclear. Save that kind of stuff for the playoffs.) Each time an announcer talks about the Morris Twins = Take an inevitable sip. Each time an announcer talks about the 2013 draft= Take a long thoughtful swig. Each time Goran Dragic notches an assist= Take an angry sip.