Without much muss or fuss, the San Antonio Spurs dispatched the Los Angeles Lakers on Sunday evening, tying the bow on a decisive four game sweep of an injury-plagued Laker squad. In making their kill swift and painless, the Spurs allowed themselves to receive one of the few perks in what can be a chaotic NBA regular and postseason – the team now gets to rest, and rest, and rest, and rest … The first game of the team’s second round series likely won’t tip off until Monday, even if the Golden State Warriors manage to hold off a resurgent Denver Nuggets squad and win their opening round series on Thursday. That’s seven whole days “off,” a massive chunk of time in an NBA season that usually turns its All-Star “break” into a series of mandatory appearances and travel days, and an 82-game marathon of a regular season with so much travel that teams are often forced into resting mostly healthy players, and canceling most in-season practices. What do the Spurs plan to do with their downtime? Tim Duncan has his swords, Matt Bonner has his sandwiches, but All-Star guard Tony Parker most definitely does not have his Indiana Pacers/Atlanta Hawks series all lined up on the DVR to catch up on. Parker loves his hoops, and he’ll have plenty of time to catch up on the rest of the league this week, but he’s giving that series a miss. From the San Antonio Express-News: “I watch every game,” he said. “I’m a student of the game. I love watching the games. The playoffs, all the games are really good. You can always learn something.” Even Atlanta-Indiana, widely regarded as the dud of the first round? “Except that one,” he joked. “I turned that off.”