There is a pretty decent history of Sammy Watkins not always being thrilled with his situation in the NFL. It's hard to blame him, considering he spent most of his career with the Buffalo Bills in the height of their dysfunction, but the latest concern is with the Rams and it's not great news. Watkins, who blew up for a pair of touchdowns against the 49ers in Week 3 before leaving with a concussion, has been largely silent the past two weeks. Against the Cowboys and Seahawks, Watkins has a total of six targets for one reception and 17 receiving yards. It's hardly the sort of statistical output you'd expect from a No. 1 wideout and it's led to Watkins getting "frustrated" with his role. "As a player, of course you're going to be frustrated," Watkins said. "I don't know a player, a wide receiver, that's not frustrated throughout the game if you're not getting the ball. Each week, it could change. They had certain coverage that kind of took me out of the game, and that's part of the game." We saw a little more frustration from Watkins after the loss to Seattle in Week 5, with former Rams wideout Torry Holt pointing out the low numbers for Watkins on Twitter.